is a smart, storyteller, ironic Ukrainian brand established in 2017 by designer Natalia Kolpakova. Original and strong author’s style doesn’t make indifferent the people, for whom the “style” concept – is a part of their lifestyle. Fine detailing and quality of prints on silk allow to use kerchief as an element of decoration of the interior as a wall panel.

Celebrating fine craftsmanship all our products are printed and handmade in Ukraine. Produced in small quantities at a time, each item is made to the highest standard ensuring exclusivity and uniqueness in every piece. We focus our attention to creating exceptional product that transcends the seasons, thus allowing us to embrace our true creativity and present new designs, colourways and special editions into our offering. Made from pure silk our scarves can be worn all year round fitting perfectly into your modern wardrobe.

The basic images for the collections are created as independent works with vividly marked story. 

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